Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 reasons why I blog...thanks to Val

Val tagged me to do this so to appease her...lol I will.
By the way, her link is in my side bar and she is one amazing crafty mama. I am continually amazed at her creativity and her kids are so lucky to have such talent and good energy raising them.

1. I like to journal things

2. blogging is easier for me than journaling especially since pictures can be attached and give a visual for the topic at hand.

3. It gives me space on the web to particpate in blog partys so that I can cooperatively work with other like minded folks in our writing about our passions.
This has also been an excellent learning tool and has brought some new friends into my life that have enlightened me.

4. New friends and connection to like minded folks

5. I am able to present my writing to students and friends wanting to learn herbalism. Blogspot is free and a great service so I can share with them the link and they can come see what the plant looks like and what it is used for in that days writing if they woudl like.

6. It helps me be creative. Having a blog actually gives me opportunities in my mind to write. I really feel writing is an important part of my life. It was when I was in school and still means alot to me.
I am a better writer than speaker~

7.Helps my family see what I am up to

8. Helps others(non family and non student) see what I am up to

9.Helps me present my work that is for sale when I sometime spost it here

10. This is probably the most important-I hope people can see a humble herbal mother, seeking truth and peace, finding solace and medicine in the plant realm. And that they can see not only a powerful woman, but a woman that is not perfect. I sometimes share my mistakes in hopes to spare others from suffering from the same things I may have.
If I can share my life a little, I hope to help others. That is the main goal of this blog.

A picture of the beautiful healing essence of spiderwort


Val said...

Beautiful picture. :)

Love Val

Sarah said...

Hi Kristena

I just found your blog. As Val said, pretty picture, but is this a flower remedy you're making with spiderwort or something else?

Can you let me know what the latin name for the plant is as it's not something I'm familiar with. If you were making a flower remedy/essence, what it is useful for?

The weather was so gorgeous during my last workshop that we made two flower essences - hawthorn and dandelion. I was curious to see how the dandelion turned out after Henriette said it was for joy!

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

Spiderwort(Tradescantia virginiana) is said to help bring truth in the midst of mixed messages.

Dandelion for joy really makes sense as I think about it:) Happy Creating.

Tammy said...

Enjoyed this!

I just tagged you in another game!