Friday, March 21, 2008

Life abundant

How often are we able to quietly contemplate our life, who we are and what our purpose is on this earth.
For me, a mother indeed. I have actively participated in raising 7 children. And have also had my heart completely broken by some of these children too.
It is not at all an easy task to be a mother because there is a thread of connection that binds much tighter and stronger than any other yoke I have experienced ever before.
When grandbabes come along you feel that thread too, but it is not as tight, nor is it connected straight through your heart, but goes through the heart of another first.
I have 3 littles at home now. They are certainly active in my herbal life since this is probably what I speak, eat , drink or seek most often. They are aware of how important plants are to Ray and I.
However, I am not certain I have planted good seeds in them, as I discover in myself that I have a little fear of nature.
I tend to be a work a holic in my home, I work hard! All the time.
When I finally do get out into nature, I feel refreshed and nourished into my soul.
I then wonder, why I waited so long to get outdoors? Then I recall, oh yes, because I have not been taught how to look for danger signs. In the Ozarks there are wildcats, bears, stinging insects and things I often fear that holds me back from taking more breaks with my children for them, and I, to be fed by the glory of the natural world.

Yesterday I woke up and was "aware" that a special day was about to unfold for my children. They are currently on spring break and I was unsure of how this was to come to pass. We were only planning on a thrift store run both to drop off and browse(or buy) and the farm store in search of rabbit manure.
The thrift store was not a huge score. I was in seach of a glass or ceramic water pitcher and nothing was found, but I did get some pretty blown glass water glasses and an old know the kind with turquoise color inside. It broke upon the first washing, but none the less I really like it and will find room for it somewhere.
Then we went to the farm store. They did not carry rabbit manure, but they did have rabbits. One look at those white little creatures and my kids were hooked.
$60 later that I really should not have spent on rabbit stuff, we brought home Jack.

So yes, it was a special day for the children. They love this animal.

One the garden front, I have fellow herbies helping me to ID the plants in my yard that I do not yet know. Such abundance! The chickweed is magnificent right now. The Elder is leafing out. Red buds, service berry and dogwoods are ready for their spring display, daffodils bring cheer to the soul and I am so grateful the previous owners planted them here, my comfrey is emerging up through the leaf mulch and the forsythia is waving in the wind and in case we had not felt the energy of spring yet, she is certainly letting us know.

I go outdoors, and also find comfort in nature, as the father of my grandbaby, Megan, goes to Iraq today to serve our country.
A war I protested before it began, now takes someone I love into its dark deceptive intention.
Brian, Megans Daddy, has always wanted to serve the country to defend us, even as a boy. So all I can do is pray for him and my sorrow for his safety is eased when I go outside and pour my emotions to the breeze. When another is connected to your family via marriage or birth, it is easy to claim them as your own for some reason. Brian feels in many ways like a son, as well as Sam, my other son in law. I wonder if my sons women will feel the same.
And against my will, lol, I will now be forced to make Integrity soap again, for Brian and my stepson, Kenny. Jeez, I just cannot break free from Integrity! :)

As I grow internally, I find that connecting with the plants around me helps soothe my soul and become a better person. Yesterday I planted strawberries, pansies, and we made about 30 newspaper seed pots and have them filled with soil ready for our seeds we will start. We chose 10 things to grow this year. Lemon Balm, Basil, Thyme, Arnica, St Johns Wort, Comfrey, Rosemary, Green Beans, Tomato and Peppers.
We chose only 10 so that we can devote ourselves to their nurturing, but I have a feeling that may turn into 30 things before spring is over. It is such a temptation to fill the yard with such useful things! We do have many others here already so nurturing them along too.
Not only that, but planting endangered plants in our woods is on the to do list as well.
We have ordered our seeds and a kids pack (which added at least 6 other items we had not planned in our original 10) from Horizon Herbs
I trust Richo and Mayche with my seeds. They have such passion for the plants and planet.

I know too, that I will be blessed at Foundation Farm when I can volunteer and learn from Patrice, who I adore, and am fortunate to spend Easter with he and Karen, his amazing wife and their 2 children (who are also amazing). I really love their family.
I have also been invited to a gathering tonite to celebrate spring with a local family and all thier guests on their farm.

It's in the air, a new season, time to take a break from the indoor world, and move outside where we belong and be part of the connectedness of human bond one again.
I think I am ready and expect to share good things with you in the days forthcoming


Yarrow said...

Such a wonderful, thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing so much of your life. Many blessings.

A Hippie Gypsy said...

I do hope Spring is here...tonight it is below freezing outside. We went on a walk in the woods today and saw so many unknown plants and trees just waiting to bloom....I just hope this frost doesn't hurt them.

P. S. my home smells so great now from the plant you brought !!
Thank you again