Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oui Oui..but no recipe

A day assisting Cuisine Karen
Cuisine Karen
Well darnit I left the recipes at her house...hopefully I can still get them when we see her next week when I might present you with our Easter meal pictures. (we are spending Easter with the Gros family)
The meal was amazing. The pictures dont do any justice. The flavors were light and beautiful. It was a special treat to be part of the class.
Karen had a cooking class this month with:
Blue cheese tartlets
Tartelets aux Roquefort

Roast rabbit with Dijon mustard sauce, carrots & olives
Lapin à la moutarde aux olives et carottes

Now, I wasn't sure I would like rabbit all that much, but it was very good. I also thought the blue cheese tartlets would be wierd, but whoa...amazing.
The first cuttings of Patrice's greens were also served with homemade vingarette.
So this is my special food blog Monday for you (posting early because tommarrow I need to get started on my tax paperwork)

This is the marinated rabbit in a white wine marinade.

Dredged rabbit is now browned to be roasted in the oven.

Tartlets being ready to bake

The supper once completed and honestly this picture does not do justice at all!

And since I have no recipes for you, I will share a pic we took today. Ben and I made our Milk Chocolate truffles.
2 oz unsweetened chocolate..melt and allow to cool to room temp
4 TBSP butter room temp
Once both are about the same temperature, mix together. Add 4 TBSP cream, a dash of stevia and a good squeeze agave nectar (or whatever you like to sweeten your foods with)
Add 2 tsp vanilla extract and mix again.

We spread out onto parchment paper, added pecan halves and let set up. Cut into chunks and put into a plastic bag in the freezer. This is a great sweet tooth releiver for our family.

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