Friday, March 28, 2008


I take a break from food on occassion and give my body an easy digestive task by nourishing her with strong herbal infusions and rest if needed. This seems especially helpful after winter when I feel sluggish and reclusive.

Yesterday I took that break, and often I find that energy abounds in this time. I was able to handle my workload at the house and do some yard work outdoors. A friend of mine would come to mind on occassion, actually this entire week did her face adn name come into my mind.

Last night, after dinner was complete, my sweetheart called from his pizza delivery job to cause our attention onto a tornado warning.
I coudl not get my weather radio to work, and the internet had little to say about it, so I finished cutting a batch of soap I was working on, and headed down to out basement about 15 minutes after I sent the kids down there.

It was quite bright for 7:30 at night, especially in the middle of a storm. The spring is creepy with very dangerous weather usually this time of year.
I think of my neighbors in other areas of the state and country that have been effected with bad weather consequences. I hope I am prepared and my children and I pray.

The storm was mild compared to other places, last night. Once it passes, the birds sang their songs like nothing unusual had happened at all. Maybe they were singing of thankfulness. Thankful that it was mild here and that life continues on.

After a fairly restful night, and a pleasant morning, I received a surprise. A phone call from my friend whom I had been thinking of so much lately.


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Val said...

Blessings Kris! I am so glad you and your family are ok! The weather is getting scary. {{{{huge hugs}}}}

Love Val