Saturday, February 16, 2008

You are the Pilot

Today as I was showering (oh yes,a blissful time isn't it) I pondered our power in our health.

Often, our health will be strongest when we CHOOSE to input what is best for it.
Sometimes thsi is work. So many food sensitivities and such these days have been recognized.

Maybe we should look at our ancestors and what they lived on to sustain their life.

Then again, so many of us are well blended. I know I have Italian, Irish, English, German and there is some Native American somewhere I am told.
I also think my great grandmother was Danish, but I do not remember.
Many Americans are such a blend that this may be difficult, but not impossible.
It is good to ask questions of our elders in hopes to discover the old ways and survival.

During my bathing ritual, the thought came to me...We are the pilot of our body.
Now some relgious folk say God is their pilot. But I think that is an incorrect statement concerning food for most people. Do you ask the heavens each time you pop something into your mouth? Everytime you consume that Starbucks Frappucino? Or Pizza Hut fare?
You probably give thanks, which is important. But you, are the pilot.

The heavens have given us the ability to choose many things.
Especially, in America, we have the ability to choose our food. So lets make it count. We are responsible for ourselves. Some things are out of our control as well, things we may not have the power to prevent.
But food again is our choice for life. Entertainment again is our choice. Too much of some entertainment may not be healthy. T.V. watching could harm our eyes eventually or concerts with blaring loud music may cause ear problems.

On the opposite side of this argument is orthorexia..those folks overly consumed with being healthy. Thsi is such an interesting issue because so many in America have this consuming thought, otherwise there would not be products on the market catering to those who want low fat, low calorie, no transfats and low carb.

I have been in both places in my life.

Today my anchor is simply this...I am the pilot of the choices of my life. I am a spiritual woman and I do ask the heavens about many things throughout my day. But I, in the end make the choice. So may wisdom fall upon me each and every day for my joy and health, the health and happiness of my family, and a better world which we all share.

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