Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Demetria Clark~ Herbalist spotlight

Demetria Clark is a wife and mother of 2.

She runs the Heart of Herbs school, which I have been involved with throughout

my formal herbal education.

I asked Demetria a few questions this week about her life. Here is what she

shared with me.

Do you remember what was going on in your life that lead you to herbs?

I had a headache at 7 and instinctively chewed on some "leaves" and it went

away. After that I "messed" with herbs for the rest of my days.

Demetria shares that her personal experiences with Rosemary Gladstar and

readings of the following authors have most influenced her. Ina May Gaskin,

Juliette Levy, Clan of the Cave Bear at 11, Mists of Avalon at 11 ( I was a


Demetria uses herbal nutrition, then tea form as her favorite herbal


One of Demetria's most memorable experiences came from the wise words of

another. Demetria said, " A teacher I really respected said, Keep Family FIRST!"

She hadn't and wanted to share her journey with me. I followed her advice! I

know that I have learned the most by living and loving.

I try to support my students with that suggestion and let them know that

studies and family life can go hand and hand.

Demetria in the director of Heart of Herbs Herbal School in the US

(Massachusetts) and Switzerland and also travels internationally to lecture.

She began her US based school in 1998. The web site for Heart of Herbs Herb

School is

Heart of Herbs

In the past 5 or so years I have personally known Demetria, I have heard several

pod casts, and have been invited to attend workshops and classes she has


Sadly, our paths have not crossed face to face, but I am fortunate enough to

have phone time with her on occasion to share my dreams, passions and failures

as an herbalist.
I also should add that Demetria is one of the directors for
Birth Arts International

Demetria has been a huge support and kick in the pants as well for moving ahead

in my herbal work without being so shy. I hope our relationship continues to


Along with her workshops and lectures, Demetria also has done some work for

colleges as we as Midwives College of Utah.

I asked Demetria what her vision is for the future.

"I want to work with the WHO(World Health Organization) recording herbal

histories and working to have indigenous herbal works respected internationally

as a healing modality"

That is a pretty amazing desire, Demetria. One that can also help our work here

in modern and advances nations as well.

How can people contact you to find out more about what you offer, calendar of

events, blogs, weed walks, etc? Yes of course. demetria@demetria.com or visit

Heart of Herbs

Most of the readers are new to herbs and if there is one word of wisdom or sage

advice you could leave them, what would that be?

Demetria shares, "Take what you need and leave the rest. We only have one

planet, one family, one soul, love and honor them!"

To which, I say Thank you for the reminder. We all need those seeds watered from

time to time reminding us of what is important.

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