Friday, February 15, 2008

10 for Feb

Amanda Soule encouraged us to consider 10 things that bring us joy. This is a good time for me to consider this because the week has been very challenging for us.

Ray and Liv has such a tight relationship, as well as with myself. This is a parents blessing.

We live in a beautiful area the kids can explore

Our Garden is coming along

My family supports me when I have abundant workload

Benny loves to create

I have a studio to contain my mess

The presence of my daughter warms my soul

Ray has created such great workable space for my studio with what we have collected. My cream making center is done.

Megan is home from the hospital

Our herbal allys


Anonymous said...
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waterblogger said...

Hi my first baby finn is asleep and I have just spent a quiet hour reading your blog - how wonderful.

Please let me know if you venture to Australia - you have a place to stay.
Warm blessings Kirsty

Maryalene said...

Beautiful post KR! The world would be such a better place if we all spent a little more time focusing on the blessings we have. Thanks for the reminder. :-)