Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter Walk Day 25

My son Joey with Megan.

We love Megan! My gbaby is in the hospital with RSV. My heart a healer, I may have helped her prior to this event, but I had not seen her this week. Received a call from my daughter saying they spent the night in the hospital.

I am sure everything will be ok. I was surprised and sad but it sounds like if she will start eating again and can breathe without oxygen she can come home today. I offered my home for them this week as Rachie is sick too. If they feel they need to be taken care of my apothecary is stocked:)

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Greenlee's Forest said...

Kristena ~ what a gorgeous girl! I'm so sorry to hear of her illness...I hope she is healing well.
Beautiful blog!!! :) I'll be visiting often!