Sunday, October 19, 2008


What do you do to help to empower yourself?
This past weekend I spent time with someone who broke free from some seriously disabling situations and like metamorphis, had incredible change.
The healing work was brought about from some herbal readings that eventually lead to Cranialsacral therapy.
What a blessing to see a woman not only break free, but have joy again.
So we decided to celebrate with food, fun and drumming.
We spent the entire weekend talking and disecting our lives, and anointed ourselves with essential oils to represent our freedoms.
One the first evening we went to the river INTOWN! where people must have seen us as strange (I was 2 hours from home in a largely LDS town).
With drums in tow, candles, sage, my children, and cymbals and belly dance hip scarves, there was drumming, prayer, dancing and having fun.
The second day we just visited together.
That day as my friend was working, I cleaned part of her house. Because when a woman is down, she does not have the energy to clean, really.
Then on Sunday, our last day together, she worked and I finished cleaning and then I anointed her house with oils and blessings.
We then spent our last hours together eating and drumming again and putting our feet on the earth and allow its energy to nurture our souls.
The tambourine came out too and it was so prayerful and EMPOWERING to play music together as if your inner soul crying out to the divine on behalf of others, which then in turn strengthens yourself.
Before I left, I felt to anoint her feet in an essential blend of Abundance. This was symbolic of her walking in abundance. It was soul moving and tears flowed.
Then, she in turn wanted to anoint my feet, that I may have the same blessing.
About 2 hours after departing her home, still on the road, I felt so much power go through my feet.
It was really amazing and I am more empowered today than I was 2 days
So what do you do to empower yourself.
And what is empowerment anyway?

Well, wiki defines empowerment as this:
Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities
Here is a term I can share I feel more in line with:
The courage to break free from the chains of limiting belief patterns and societal or religious conditioning that have traditionally kept women suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power.

Our society by and large has kept women down far too long. This summer I emerged from my patriarchally bound cocoon into a beautiful and graceful dance in which the steps I am still learning.
It took radical changes that did make me afraid. But taking the steps on breaking free physically, emotionally and spiritually is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
And having gone through that experience, helps me to help others in my gifts as an herbalist.

So I ask, are you empowered? If not, seek it out a step at a time.

I end this post with something I found somewhere that blessed me as well as a couple of "2 second" filmings my son did the night we drummed at the river.
These videos are too short and humble, however it is an expression of 2 friends rejoicing together that one who lost her power, regained her strength and is moving forth into the awesome work she is to do upon this planet.
be blessed and walk in your power and love,

Be Good To You

Be Yourself ~ Truthfully
Accept Yourself ~ Gracefully
Value Yourself ~ Joyfully
Forgive Yourself ~ Completely
Treat Yourself ~ Generously
Balance Yourself ~ Harmoniously
Bless Yourself ~ Abundantly
Trust Yourself ~ Confidently
Love Yourself ~ Wholeheartedly
Empower Yourself ~ Prayerfully
Give Of Yourself ~ Enthusiastically
Express Yourself ~ Radiantly


Yarrow said...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing this intimacy bewtween yourself and your friend. It brings me joy to hear of another woman finding her power. many belssings.

Anonymous said...

You've been Tagged!

Growing in the Green said...

Thank you for tagging me. I am currently in an intense time of my life and trying to stay off the computer as much as I can.
So please forgive me for not playing tag, but also know that you are valued and not ignored.

Sarah said...

Empowerment to me over the years has meant realising the earth wasn't going to end if I didn't do something (and that takes a long time to sink in!). Also, when I really really want to do something or go somewhere or see something, I do it, whether or not I have someone to do it with me.

Growing in the Green said...

YAY Sarah!
I totally agree that is very wise of you to share that.

The not the end of the world part is hard for some of us trying to cram in more than we really should in our lives.
I tend to bite off more than I can chew.