Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lessons from my life part 7

Fight the frump

Why do we tend to let things go as mothers. We are tired, don't always feel like having sex I suppose, then we avoid looking sexy. Months or even years go by and we are depressed when we look into the mirror. This should not be, mama's.
This does not ONLY mean hawt clothing, make up and styles. We can still be humble earthy mama's, but we NEED TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL. (even if that means hawt clothing, make up and style)
If a patchwork skirt and a t shirt makes you feel beautiful, so be it.
If jeans make you feel hawt then of course wear them well.

But tight clothing really is not a healthy choice, so avoid any clothing that is tight as it will impede circulation. As we get older we surely need that system to be working well.
Also fibers.....if wearing those light polyester fabrics makes you feel beautiful, by all means wear them. HOWEVER, understand that most synthetic fabrics do not breathe, so maybe when at home or relaxing, you can choose a nice cotton, hemp, bamboo, or linen fiber that makes you feel good.
Your skin needs to breath.
Do you wear a bra? Take a bra break when you can and give those breasts a good massage. Oil of dandelion or violet is a good choice for breast massage. (dreamseeds sold out quick by the way)

Dry brushing may encourage weight loss and help slough off skin cells. This is nice to do prior to bathing. I use a shower brush that I never take into the shower, for this purpose. It is said that this method helps cellulite too.
The important thing to remember if dry brushing it so brush toward your heart again for circulation.

I am a natural mama. I rarely wear make up. I dont like the way it feels on my skin. I feel like I cannot breathe. But I do like some eye makeup and lip color on occassion.
And I do feel good when I buy myself one or two new items. I tend to thrift, which I enjoy most certainly. But I do deserve first quality when I can squeeze in a little to spend on me.
Ya know, for years, I would get birthday money and go buy my kids socks and undies, and my husband a paid of pants, etc... then I would feel so down after ward. It took me years to realize that it was ok to spend the birthday money on something for myself.
And just yesterday I went out and bought a new pair of sandals. I loved my old ones that were 2 years old and falling apart. I felt poor wearing them. I dont know why I hesistate in meeting my own needs. Maybe finances or the age old idea that we are to sacrifice everything for our family. Nourishment...that is the theme behind most of the herbalism I practice, yet yeah.....I forget about me sometimes.

How bout you? What makes you feel good? A massage? Some time to get naked and lay in the sun? Aerobics or yoga? A new necklace?
There are many thing I and those are not always attainable right now, but taking care of myself has to be a prioirty from now on in however I can squeeze it in each day. Life is way to short. Your beautiful! Take care of you~


Katie said...

As usual, your words are well timed. Thank you for this today!

Luna said...

You are my inspiration. You remind me that I must take time to nourish me. Thank you for this!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kristina for the information about blackberry flower essence. I'm going to be writing an article about blackberry and this is perfect to add to other aspects of the plant.