Thursday, June 26, 2008

Healing Power of Women and Nature pt 1

This year I have prayed for travel opportunities, and blessedly enough I have had a few.
Last week I journeyed to Minnesota and go to spedn time with many women there.

First was with Kathy Jo (video to follow in another post YOU MUST SEE) and she had some things I needed to pick up. She arranged a cyber mama get together for me to meet some amazing MN women I have come to know over at Amitys.
Katie, Sara, Heather, Rachel and KJ kept me in such good spirits despite physical discomfort.
There is really something about being with other commited mothers that is soothing. Our children played so well together too.

My last day there I was with KJ as well and Maya came over and we created a healthy soup to enjoy together along with KJ's other delightful treats, like ginger kombucha and choclate chip cookies with liberal coconut oil. yum. Maya and I talked girls stuff, flower essence and things we both work with or relate to.

Dh worked with Kathy Jo's husband and that was nice to make some income while traveleing to help buy food and things.
the next 2 days were on a lake in Wisconsin. I was not feeling so well and curled up quite a bit and read books and took it easy. Which I probably needed to do. It was nurturing however and leaving our friends cabin was you could feel the spirit of love adn home there.

Here is Ben fishing

Jon in the canoe

We spent the last night in a hotel KJ helped arrange for us (thank you!!!)

The kids had so much fun and were beat

We ate in Osceola,Iowa on the way home at a local restaurant called Nana Greer's-thsi is liv and I in the

the real entertainment will be in part 2:)

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