Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today I begin my new blog

I have so much to share here about my life, experience as a blossoming herbalist, and apprenticing at the organic farm.

I am mother to 7 children, all born naturally. 4 of the births were unassisted and delivered by my husband and I.

I have been through divorce, poverty and cancer and thankfully have survived them all. I strive for positive. I want to live a good life and to help others acheive a good life too. Not in riches but in knowledge, simple living, community and natural ideas.
I am no expert. I am learning so much continually,but what I have learned, I hope I can pass on to another that could be blessed by what I have to share.
And thus we have the Blessings of an Herbwyfe:)

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Kiva Rose said...

Very nice! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and inspirations!