Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lessons learned from the river I love

learn from the river, the river that I love.
She flows down from the mighty mountains, cutting through stone. Pouring down onto sage filled flatlands nourishing cottonwoods that sit at the feet of natures cathedral.
The river absorbs the deepest snows and extended rains. She widens herself to carry the load, as her purpose must be fulfilled.
Even in times of drought and emptiness, she will adjust accordingly. Though her banks be revealed in such lack, she WILL keep MOVING.
So much of nature depends on her movement.
Flora and fauna soak up the drink she offers them as she passes by so that the life cycle may go on.
The beasts of the high country depend upon her for sustanance.

Humans engage in her power. Farmers depend on her for the food they bring the nations.
Each cup of coffee is from her, although rarely is a person conscious of her gift.
The anglers wade deep to obtain food from her waters.
Joy and laughter can be heard in her flow. People seeking the mysteries of her journey by raft or boat.
She brings awe as she winds through canyon and flatland as her beauty is unsurpassed.
Regardless of the conditions she emdures, each winding pathway can change from a smooth travel into a mightly turbulance, violent and dangerous.
Yet, she still moves on.

At times, her way may be blocked by surrounding landscapes in her path.
She does not stop and hesistate, but may split herself in two around the barrier, adn then comes together again eventually.
She knows her journey will be long-her focus on her final destination. Her HEAVEN, as her waters will eventually settle into the sea.
Those some may disrespect her purpose, abuse and pollute her life, she still MOVES ON!

How I love this river. Her message is clear.
Strength and purpose is her passion-nourishing life as a lactating mother that gives continually, despite the conditions she herself may endure.

Flow dear sister, rise up from that which drains you. Be strong through the journey and like the beloved river, MOVE ON through it all.

Kristena Haslam Roder
While sitting at the feet of the Snake River, Jackson Wyoming.

I still do not have a personal computer so the photo is from

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