Sunday, February 22, 2009

In memory of Michael Moore, herbalist

The kids and I took a hike up Teton Pass. I carried with me a sadness of this great herbalist who literally has been very helpful to so many. He passed away on February 20.

To honor him, as well as my ancestors that have passed, I brought some tobacco up there and found a place with a tree and 2 wild plants sticking out of the snow.
There was an open patch in the snow, so we knelt down, gave gratitude and sprinkled the tobacco in that opening.

Thank you Michael for all you have done and your 'openness' are 'realness' of who you are, instead of what others thought you should be.

You will be a wonderful memory in my mind and heart.

Michael's website

There is an herbal gathering in New Mexico to honor him in April.
In gratitude

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nfmgirl said...

What a shame. I have his book 'Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West'. Great book.